Sports & Co-Curricular Facilities

  • Play Pen
  • Fitness
  • Swimming Pool
  • Karate
  • Skating
  • Keyboard
  • Tennis

Play Pen

A spacious Play Pen – a specially designed play area for the the nimble – footed kids of Kindergarten provides a safe and smooth play area. A shaded play area also is available for children’s play and recreation.


We follow a structured programme that aims in building confidence, coordination, team play and developing positive attitude in an engaging way, thereby integrating fitness smoothly with curriculum. Students develop skills while enjoying their play time. Standardised reports are generated periodcally to inform parents about the student's progress.

Swimming Pool

Acclaimed by health experts for bestowing endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness to one’s physique swimming is a sport that no child should miss. In an unprecedented advancement Kautilya Vidyalaya became the first Day- School to offer swimming lessons. The school boasts of two well- maintained pools with all the safety and hygiene gear intact.


Self defense is of utmost importance. Practice does not make one perfect, perfect practice makes one perfect. Learning Martial arts prepares one to be in complete control of oneself.


The ability to glide on wheels, feel the wind through your hair and get a sense of absolute freedom. As long as you are dedicated, passionate and willing to learn, skating is just going to be one smooth ride


No other acoustic instrument can match the keyboard’s range and no electric instrument can match its mystery. Play away to glory and tap your feet while you do so!


This is a game of glamour! Improves energy levels, helps kids to have stronger limbs and joints, ensuring them a stronger body and in turn strengthening their immune system. Tennis helps in a child’s development since it requires mental alertness and logical or tactical thinking. Children who play sports like Tennis in their formative years have a lower risk of experiencing depression, anxiety, anger, tension and confusion. This game also enhances an individual’s confidence and optimism in life.