The school possesses a fleet of modern GPRS – enabled, secure buses driven by skilled drivers and also monitored by well-trained attendants to ensure hassle free commuting to and from the school premises.

Safety and Wellness

We believe that a safe and secure environment, both physical and emotional, is essential for a child's all-round development. To this end, we aim to foster a non-threatening setting where all stakeholders are encouraged to communicate with each other. Sensitisation and orientation camps are routinely conducted for our support staff.

CCTV cameras have been installed in all rooms as well as strategic points all over the campus. The Child Protection Cell and School Counsellor gently persuade the child to unburden their concerns, thus helping them overcome academic challenges, behavioural deviations and other psychological challenges. A full-time, qualified nurse is on call to attend to health-related concerns. We conduct yearly check-ups on vision and dental health.